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New music website

2011-01-19 14:22:14 by Oggy-cheese

Greetings people of Newgrounds.

Just an update on what I'm working on. If you didn't know already I'm now working full time as a Web Designer, and I also make music. I combined the two to make a website for my music. And so without further ado I present... *drum roll please*

Please check it out and listen to the EP teaser! The EP will be released on 19th Feb to iTunes, Spotify and a load of other stuff, as well as on physical release, of course! Enjoy.

New music website


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2011-01-19 15:20:42

That is an awesome website. Great simple design, i love the pages all being underneath each other. The EP teaser sounded good too, i look forward to the full release!


2012-07-02 02:24:44

Nice. I like that music mix you made there. You need to make more gravity is just a theory movies and use a lot of nice music in it ;-)